Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Torah or Egypt?

Pesah - Haggada

Maggid - Baruch Ha'Makom

The father begins his answer to the children by talking about how we were slaves in Egypt. Then, after some discussion on slavery in Egypt, we suddenly announce "ברוך המקום ברוך הוא. ברוך שנתן תורה לעמו ישראל" - Blessed is the Ever-Present, blessed is He.Blessed is He who gave the Torah to His nation Israel...

This night is not about celebrating the giving of the Torah. That is what we do on Shavuot. Why do we suddenly break out in song praising the giving of the Torah? We are in the middle of relating about the exodus from Egypt! We should maybe at this point be blessing Hashem for taking us out of Egypt??

The prupose of the exodus from Egypt was to become a nation under Hashem with the Torah. Without the Torah, none of the exodus would have happened. So now we are discussing the exodus, it is appropriate to bless Hashem for the Torah, because the Torah was the whole point of the events.


shaya g said...

you are being circular. you said in your q, that it's not about matan torah. your answer is, "it is about matan torah". huh? if so, why isn't dayainu enough of a mention of matan torah? your question was very insightful - pesach really does have nothing to do with matan torah, it was about chairus and avdus. that's why we have sefirah - to lead us to matan torah.

needs a better answer.

Rafi G said...

the fact that we say in dayenu "had Hashem brought us to Har Sinai and not given us the Torah, dayenu" is something I considered, and am not sure of how to explain yet. I have an idea, but am waiting until I get to the dayenu part of the haggada.

Regarding the night not being about the Torah - the premise of my question is that on the face of it, everything is about the exodus and not the Torah, so why all of the sudden bless about the Torah? The answer is that the first impression is wrong. The whole point of the exodus was to get the Torah.

Neil Harris said...

"The whole point of the exodus was to get the Torah."

Kuzari is in agreement with you.